Our Founder and Beginnings

A commitment to improving the quality of life, no matter what age or condition.

Paul Hendry has spent his whole life in sport in one form or another. Most recently running Eurozone Brands, marketing a variety of products all designed to improve performance, lifestyles and wellbeing of people from all walks of life and all levels of activity, fitness and health. From being a prize-winning professional squash player and coach to developing an innovative squash racket brand to developing the European distribution of golf clubs for Jack Nicklaus to his current role, Paul has channelled his energy into leading an active lifestyle and seeking out brands and products that fit with the ethos of improving the quality of life for anyone, no matter what age, condition or lifestyle. A genuine belief into the efficacy of the whole range of products fuels Paul’s natural enthusiasm, aided by many years’ experience in sales and marketing. Unwavering dedication to the brands, coupled with an unrivalled address book of retail contacts throughout Europe, has created a portfolio of highly specialised brands to achieve excellent levels of retail penetration together with high sales volumes. Paul’s success is demonstrated in the quality of the brands he manages and the longevity of some of his relationships. Innovative and highly effective marketing strategies are devised to suit the specific personality of each brand, and every conceivable sales channel is exploited to reach the maximum audience and generate high sales levels. Paul sums up his approach to business like this:

I seek out brands which complement our range and fit with our ethos of improving lifestyles. Then I work closely with key retailers to develop innovative marketing and sales strategies which maximise their return.

Whether it be performance, function or simply looking good, whilst participating in sport or general everyday activities, Eurozone offers a handpicked selection of brands that complement an active lifestyle. You will find dedicated advocates involved in just about every sport you can think of as well as those who simply look for help in general wellbeing and an improved lifestyle.

PAUL HENDRY – Our Founder & CEO


After years of playing squash to a high level, including coaching at the prestigious Grasshopper Club Zurich, and winning the coveted Grasshopper Cup (alongside other past winners including Chris Dittmar, Jansher Khan, Gregory Gaultier and Amr Shabana), Paul became determined to make his love for sport into a lifetime business. Turning down a very lucrative opportunity to live in Monaco and coach the National team, he decided to return to his UK roots to develop a racket sports brand. During this time, Paul still maintained a high level of competitiveness, competing at County level in both Squash and Tennis. Playing at this level took its toll on his joints, and at the age of just 48, both his hips had to be re-surfaced, which gave the opportunity to return to exercise. Unable to play competitive sport any longer Paul channelled his energy into leading an active lifestyle and seeking out brands and products that would complement this way of life. Paul has personally felt great benefit from all the products and is a firm believer in their efficacy and value. Today, Paul can be seen with his long-term partner, walking their dogs, playing competitive tennis and participating in Strength and Conditioning classes at his local gym. In his 60’s, he’s fitter and stronger than most in the gym and his friends tease him that he’s always first on the dance floor and the last to leave. He has harnessed a lifelong love and natural talent for sport to a passion for sales and marketing to create a successful business generating profits for a broad portfolio of brands, and improving the quality of life for people in a wide range of lifestyles.