Padel – one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.

Eurozone Brands are offering an unrivalled opportunity to get involved in this exciting and new sport that is taking Europe by storm.

In Spain where Padel is the second participation sport after Football, there are 6 million people playing Padel on around 20.000 Padel Courts.

Four people playing the game Padel.

No sport in Italy has ever had such success in such a short time
The Guardian February 2022

More and more clubs and venues are seeing Padel as a superb tool for member acquisition & retention. Padel is ideal as it is a sport that attracts people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Padel is very sociable and is simple and great fun to play.

Eurozone Brands is delighted to be at the forefront of bringing Padel to the UK, offering an unmatched service and portfolio of courts and equipment.

We have identified real and growing opportunities for tennis clubs, sport and leisure centres, hotels, golf clubs, standalone Padel Clubs and even private domestic use.

Eurozone Brands offers a full turnkey Padel Court installation solution, through our associate providers who are recognised as the best in class across the sport.

The unrivalled breadth of our service puts us right at the heart of every aspect of Padel, from installation to equipment.

Eurozone Brands recognises the importance of genuine turnkey solutions centred around Premium Courts and Equipment. In order to ensure our pre-eminence, we work with potential clients offering a diverse range of solutions, from sales to sales & equity, revenue share and outright ownership.

The incremental growth of Padel is starting to be seen in the UK as it has already in other countries such as Spain and Italy. Eurozone Brands make it possible for any individual or organisation to benefit from this opportunity.

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