Colantotte Neo Legend


Superheroes are always looking for new ways to maintain their edge – and now you can too! This exclusive limited edition package has been created to specifically commemorate Marvel’s The Avenger movie, (where it has a starring role!) and is available in limited quantities worldwide.

Like all Colantotte products, the MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND uses Alternating North South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO TM) technology and features two powerful medical grade 1,000 Gauss Ferrite permanent magnets. The stylish design features an elegant combination of pure titanium and carbon – perfect for Avengers thwarting arch enemies!

  • Increased circulation: helping to improve sluggish blood flow around the area worn.
  • Increased mobility and a reduction in joint pain and stiffness through more effectively oxygenated blood flow.
  • Improved sleeping patterns.

Wear the magnet therapy bracelet preferred by Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man in the box office smash, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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