Colantotte Wacle SPORT Necklace


Wacle Sport, Magnetic therapy necklace with colour changing feature

  • You can change the colour of the front of the necklace, which works as a joint, by flipping the front surface and the back surface. This makes you able to adjust the impression of the necklace according to your clothes or the occasion.
  • Wacle SPORT Necklace is a high-specification model which has eight pieces of 140mT (1400G) rare-earth permanent magnets embedded in the 4mm diameter silicone loop.
  • Colantotte unique alternating North-South polarity orientation distributes the magnetic force over a wide area to improve circulation and relieve stiffness of the neck and shoulders.
  • Silicone is a water-resistant material, comfortable to use in various sports as well as daily life.
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